The Weak leading the Week

Hello everyone reading this!

So I still live somehow! This weekend was a reenactment event at a place down in Wales known as Conwy. The castle is rather large and a beautiful place, I would advise going to see it if you have the time and are close. My fool of a brother managed to lose his keys on the way from his car to put stuff out. He is in the Liverpool Cell why I am of course in the much superior Stirling Cell. We managed to obtain a spare key in time for me to get my tent out the car to realise he hadn’t packed away the sodding poles to the tent, so improvisational skill had to be used, one of the work shelters was later closed up for the night. Basically, an inverse V shape with open ends. Needless to say it was slightly draughty! Before bed however the majority of the Historia Normannis members watched various wrestling matches between members. My personal favourite was between myself and my brother. No bias of course. The next day ran much more smoothly with Thomas only almost killing me on the drive back with a very sudden stop at a set of lights.

To the other aspects of my life that are not re-enactment related there has been very little change to be honest. My friends are just about keeping me sane, thanks be to them. My writing is also going well I have been thinking of several interesting senarios to throw my characters at. I have kind of been dwelling because of my writing on my most recent failed relationship, its as though I feel I cannot shake it, constantly going back to all the things I did wrong what could have been changed and how it could have changed my life. I guess it’s a personal failing but oh well, what can be done? One lives and one dies, very little point to be so maudlin though I find myself in the mood consistently for I find I work better in such a mood.

My plan for this blog is to try and put one out every week or at worst one every two weeks. I hope to be able to keep up with it! Good luck with your own lives and remember, life is fleeting so use it well!


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