Alright, So I am bad at this thing!

Hello again people, so it’s been about two years since I published on this site. The first chapter of the first novel… So updates.

I’m now coming up on moving into my third year at the University of Stirling. Assuming its going to be mostly my English friends reading this I want to tell you that Scottish Uni courses are usually four years not three so not quite final year!

My writing has continued past the first chapter, surprisingly. I have now written; For we Have Fallen, Song of the Stars and Winter wind does wither is soon to be finished. In the same universe, a side character has starred in my other novella Wars of the Northlands.  So Four novels in the Clockwork Chronicles. Another novel has been written as a kind of side project A Tail in the Woods and I am currently working on another side project called Memento Mori. So…. Soon to be 6 novels finished. Editing is an utter bitch so I will get round to that when I can.

Other updates? Um….. I dont know, been and done things! I joined a reenactment Society which is rather fun, got really into role playing games, saying farewell to one of our American friends with a 24 hour gaming session that stretched over three days. Most importantly personally speaking I went to Romania to Bran Castle!



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